Learning the sound with french Broadcasters since 1994 for kids and national chanel like FRANCE 5, I appreciate the pleasure to share the intense emotions and tension of the live shows and many recordings TV programs.

With the same pleasure and professionalism, I followed my experience on taking the sounds for magazine, documentaries and fiction for television and Movie makers like Voom HD TV from New York even so with Mexican an Australian teams for several fiction shooting in Paris or Europe.

At that time, I learned about the real importance to choose the right microphone depending of the accoustics problematic. With many musicians, I also sonorised livebands in and out door for town and music festivals.

Joinning the Yellow Cab Studios S.A. Limited team in Paris 2003, I could consolidate my knowledge on audio post-production for pictures. Keaping digitaly oriented, we've grown our studios with the construction of a mixing movie theatre (studio A) and some editing rooms.

Free lance till 1994, I'm still learning with such curiosity how to design the sounds oround us. From the capture to the diffusion with or without public I can offer you the insurance of managing the sound you want for the audience there is. My association with SOUNDLAPS till 2012, give me the chance to offer you a large field of services you or your compagny would need if you rather had a executive production interface.


Looking for a french sound guy in Paris !!! You got me. I'll do my best to advise or give you a quote on a job.

Regards, Fabrice